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    How This Will Work


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    How This Will Work

    Post by Admin*Gm*Ryan on Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:40 pm

    Ok so just like real NHL we will have this.

    We have an agent tba very soon.

    You will have till sunday night at 8pm to offer for you player.
    The agent will say no or yes.

    If they say yes then your player will avoid our leagues salary arbitration hearing and be signed to the contract you offered them.

    If they say no then your player will be placed into our salary arbitration hearing which will be held at 9pm sunday evening thats eastern time.

    Players who do not get offers and there is a gm of that team will go to the hearing and there hearings will be pmed. They will have 24 hours to respond other wise loose there player to ufa.

    If a player is on a team without a gm nothing will happen because its only fair.

    If your on sunday night respond asap with a yes we will take it or a no we wont. If u say yes u get the player for that hearing and if u say no he goes to ufa.

    It will be good guys Smile

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