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    Interview with of the Kings GM*Bill


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    Interview with of the Kings GM*Bill Empty Interview with of the Kings GM*Bill

    Post by Stizz on Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:01 am

    Hello there Stizz here with GM*Bill

    Stizz:Hello Bill how are you doing?

    Bill:Fine thanks.

    Stizz:What are your expectations for this upcoming year?

    Bill:We here in LA feel that we have a young team that is capable of winning right now. LA has a cornucopia of skilled players who are going to be big time contributors this season. Our expectation is just like every teams, To Win the Stanley Cup. However we feel that we have the team to do so. Our team is gelling at the moment and we are looking forward to a great season.

    Stizz: Ok seems like you expect a lot of your team.

    Stizz:Who do YOU feel is your biggest compitition in the West?

    Bill:Well of course you can't take any team lightly. As for the big names. Well the Detroit Red Wings are a team that is always scary to play against. They have the veteran leadership and skill that a lot of teams crave. Vancouver is one of the elite teams in the West. Roberto Luongo and the Sedin brothers are always a handful to play against. They just find each other no matter where they are. San Jose is a very talented team and maybe has a weakness this year in their goaltending which hopefully we can exploit which we have failed to do so in the past years. Those three teams are the top three teams I think everybody has to look out for.

    Stizz:CHI wont be happy with your answer,but ook.

    Stizz:What do you think on your team is set and what aspects to you need to improve on?

    Bill:That's a very fair question. To be honest I don't think anything is really set on our hockey club. We are 3-0 to start the season which is great to start off the season however there still is 79 games to go haha. We feel that our forwards are our best asset right now early in the season. They have been working great as a group. We may not have any leaders in the top of the league but that is based on our three games played and our depth. Our defense looks to be doing well also however we feel that they can improve on the giveaways. That was our biggest downfall last season and hopefully we can cut it down this year. Our goalie is a star and our backup wants to be number 1 so we have great competition there. Our team is far from perfect but we are happy with our situation at the moment.

    Stizz:Last question Bill, who do you think is the best GM and the worst GM(or one who needs to step there game up)?

    Bill:Well this is a new question. I believe that all the Managers across the league are good managers which is why they have these jobs. I feel that the TB GM has made some solid moves to vastly improve his team. TB looks like they are going to be a team to be dealt with this season. With regards to the second part of your question I feel that ANA had a momentary lapse in sanity with all the trades they have been making. A few of their deals just don't seem to makes sense with other General Managers across the league. Hopefully they prove us wrong.

    Stizz:Thank you Bill,best of luck this season.

    Bill:No problem Stizz thanks for interviewing me, and best of luck to your team as well.

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